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STUNT the Sport is an all-girl sport that is the fastest growing women’s sport in the country. At LA STUNT we will teach your athlete this 4- Quarter game that includes, Partner Stunts, Jumps & Tumbling, Baskets/Pyramids that is currently being offered through all levels of Education and grow with your athlete, starting in Elementary, Middle School and High School including now a NCAA emerging sport in DI, DII, DIII at the Collegiate Level

• School STUNT Season: Jan-May

• Practice 2 days a week for 1 hour

• No travel, all games are played locally.

• Low Cost: 

• Fundraising is available 

Baton Rouge: Parent meeting Tuesday January 28th 2 availble times

at 2pm & 5pm

Location: Baton Rouge Bengals Cheerleading Gym

Address: 7872 Anselmo Lane, 70810

Tryouts Saturday February 17th & 18th

  • 6-8th Grade: 5:30pm

  • 9-12 Grades: 6:30m

Tryout Fee: $20 (cash only at the door) What to wear: Black on Black, Light Cheer Shoes to stunt and tumble

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