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woman stretching wearing sweatband

What is STUNT the Sport?

STUNT is a 45-60 minute game where two teams compete in head-to-head competition. Teams play a 4 quarter Game Format based on these skills:  Partner Stunts, Pyramaids and Tosses, Jumps and Tumbling and Combo Routine. Colleges across the country are recruiting, hosting combines, and granting full scholarships to STUNT athletes! Join the movement and join STUNT the fastest growing female sport in the country! Click the video below to see!!


About Us,  What We Offer and What We Can Do For You!

We specialize in STUNT the Sport. Hosting teams all year long including ages 8 and up! We have 2 different "STUNT" seasons, School Club "Spring" Season is during the months Jan-May.

Fall "Club" Season July-December.  STUNT is more  recruitment based. We are here to help your athlete learn the sport,


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