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Tumble by the Hour

We are now offering a new Program that is a first in Lake Charles!! It starts on August 7th from 8am-2pm! on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. This is perfect for the mom's that still have littles ones at home when school starts! It is called 'Tumble by the Hour'.

We offer "hourly" packages as low as $8 an hour! You can drop your child off anytime between 8am-2pm for structured tumble and athletics. No reservations needed, it can be for 30 minutes or all morning.

This is a perfect program for moms with last minute lunch plans, want to get in a quick work out, get groceries or run errands and or looking for something active and productive to put their little ones in at an affordable cost. Call today for more info about our tumble by the hour! 337-936-3232

Why Tumble by the Hour?

1. Quality Instructors

2. Active structured tumble & play hours

3. You only pay for hours that you use

4. As low as $8.00 per hour

5. No reservations needed once registered.

6. Hours purchased last 365 Days. That's one Full year!

kids tumble pic 3.jpg

Package 1

This package is single hour use. You purchase when needed to drop off and this is package is $20hr

girl tumble by hour pic.jpg

Package 4

This package includes 50 hours of tumble time at $8 hr. Total package cost $400

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Package 2

This package includes 10 hours of tumble time at $12 an hour. Total package cost $120.

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Package 3

This package includes 25 hours of tumble time at $11 hr. Total package cost $275

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